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스토브 역주행(액샐) 네이버페이 당첨자 발표 6월 27일 (이벤트 게시판)스토브 역주행 쿠폰 지급  6월 27일 16시~후기왕 마감6월 27일 23시59김VS황 특별방송 06. 27(목), 19:00 ~ 21:00 (피풀)서큐하트 슬데 시작 06. 27(목) 스토브 빅딜 ~6월27(목)천년의 환생 후궁의 저주 예약 시작 06. 27(목) 16시러브크레센도 출시 06. 28(금) 라운지 "인생작" 이벤트 시작 (유저 창작 파티) 06. 28(금)#러브크레센도 #김대황 #스토브 #스토브인디 #주요일정 #역주행 #서큐하트 #피풀 #라운지 #라운지이벤트 #유저창작파티 #인생작 #인생작공유
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Well, tbh I was worried that arena was going to be a sh!thole at the point of no returning, but after looking that:-weekly rewards were not affected for champ league -now we dont need to spent currency to buying the weapons or the unknown slate (we can get 50xp daily, doing 10 npc battles reach this goal since a npc battle give 5xp points, while pvp gives 10) so more charms.-I feel a bit annoying that we dont get crystals from npcs anymore, buuuut we get 150 crystals per week (correct me if im wrong) with 45 weekly battles (this wouldve more or less 21-22 crystals per day) between pvp and pve battles, personally I think it mades up for not getting crystals from npc's anymore.-The arena pass rewards are nice,  I mean, its not making us rich, but extra materials we get for the amount of "effort" needed, its balanced, IMOI kinda liked this changes, now we can burn our arena tickets faster against NPC for arena currency since they wont go on cooldownSome people may thing its annoying to need to reach higher arena rank now to get the same amount of crystals, unless reaching legend where is you see the extra crystals from this changes... I... dont really have an opinion here, I would feel annoyed, but I dont have the right to complain about that since it doesnt affect me.what you think? I got something here wrong?
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I like that the Arena demotion is per season and not per week anymore. Now I can try harding without worry my rank getting reset next week if I dont get to the next tier.I feel the quick battle is useless. E7 auto Ai is not very reliable, esp when it cannot utilize soulBurn in soulBurn heavy team.Many people will hate this update because they cant park their account anymore for free SS, but I think it necessary so the arena is not stagnant.the bad thing is, this will seal E7 to be PVP heavy game, so prob many casuals would either leave it or try to adapt.
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There's some good and some bad to me, overall bad is significantly massive than good.Good- Weekly participate is fine by me as I always flag dump whenever I login so it kinda makes the work easier for me- Battle Pass, like weekly, makes thing easier for me.That's it, really there's nothing else that I find good. Now for the bad.- Biggest one is definitely Auto battle, I don't know who think this works especially in current heavily toxic meta, but it clearly isn't working. Heck it's even active by default, I pressed it by accident way too many times and it's frustrating af.- You're getting attacked much more often with the new picking system. As someone who doesn't care much about Arena, forced to care is not good AT ALL, also Auto battle would be good for afk dumping flag and current arena is doing the opposite.- Demote every season may not sound as bad, but still bad.I hope they revert back to old system while keeping the battle pass system
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게임 사양이 어디 나와있나요
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아직 안나왔는지 확인이 안되네요
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쿠폰 /직업/게임정보공유 수다 🤩 클랜/클랜원 모집 😍거래장터 및 각종 수다 로드나인 최대 규모 오카방<700분>어서들어오세요💖로드나인 자유 수다 오픈톡입니다🤩👍쿠폰정보/클랜/클랜원구하기 거래 정보공유등 편하게 즐기실수 있는자유 오픈톡입니다현재 730분 계시고계속 들어오고 계십니다오카방https://open.kakao.com/o/greb4m0d디코 :https://discord.gg/8tHd5Xh7YQ#로드나인 #스토브 #로스트아크 #스마일게이트 #오딘 #나혼자레벨업 #레이븐2 #리지니
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1서버 빠르다 빨라!! 
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아 카리나 하고싶었는데 누가했나 했더니...흑
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동거 생명체 자랑할 생각에 오늘도 일어나자마자 스토브에!(언제 씻고 언제 출근하냐....)지금은 7키로가 넘는 길고 긴 사이즈의 거대 고양이지만, 불과 작년 이맘때만 해도 이러했습니다...간택 2일차, 자기보다 큰 고양이 인형에 잔뜩 쫄....여름 다 끝나가는 마당에 냉감 이불  꺼내주니 쏘옥 들어가서 사냥 놀이 하던 녀석간택당해서 급하게 이마트에서 사왔던 모래와 화장실에서 힘껏 힘주고 있는 녀석지금은 몸이 길어져서  저 화장실은 입구컷...인데 애착 화장실이어서인지 몸을 구겨넣고 볼 일을 봅니다...비싸고 큰거 사줬지만 아직도 여전히 최애 화장실..(인테리어 파괴자)이랬던 우리 쿠키가쭈우우욱 치즈늘어지듯 냥 길어졌습니다얼굴은 약간 아가아가가 남아있는데몸은 그냥 뭐 당장 스트리트 퐈이터 짱먹을 냥늠름냥이 되었습니다....오랜만에 아기 사진 보니 더 찍어둘걸 아쉽네요...너무 빨리 커....고냥이 세수만 하고 얼른 출근해야지!오늘도 동거 생명체였습니다!
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오잉????? 애기 시절????????기절ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 엄청 큰거네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 고양이가 일년만에 벌크업이 되는군요... 집사님 사랑이시네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
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나만 거양이없다..
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